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 Legislators Contact List & How ‘they’ vote!

On September 21st, 2018, a Joint Judiciary Committee meeting was held at the University of Wyoming.  The current “Guardianship Termination” bill, a Judiciary sponsored bill, with key components patterned after the original “De Facto” bill considered last session, was voted on with a favorable count to move forward.  However, several legislators, who initially supported the concept, and voted in favor of the “De Facto Custody” bill in the House in the 2018 session, changed their vote to a “NO”, and voted NOT to move the bill forward.

Our legislators that changed their vote in favor of not supporting the bill which provides basic protective safeguards for children in guardianship are as follows:

Representative Bo Biteman

Representative Jared Olsen

Representative Nathan Winters

Representative Tim Salazar



Voted YES… – PASS the bill draft which provides protective measures for children in guardianship

Rep. Charles Pelkey                       Sen. Liisa Anselmi-Dalton

Rep. Bill Pownall                             Sen. Leland Christensen, Chair

Rep. Dan Kirkbride, Chair               Sen. Tara Nethercott

Rep. Clark Stith                               Sen. Larry Hicks

We thank the above Judiciary Committee members for voting to move forward on this vitally important children’s bill.

Voted NO – DO NOT PASS the bill draft which provides protective measures for children in guardianship

Rep. Mark Jennings

Rep. Bo Biteman

Rep. Jared Olsen

Rep. Nathan Winters

Rep. Tim Salazar

Note: Senator Kinskey – excused

Prior to the De Facto Custody Act being “tabled” for the upcoming session, here’s the voting record on the House side in February 2018.  The Bill passed with the 2/3 requirement to move forward 41 Ayes – 19 Noes.  It’s important to know who among our legislators support a Bill that offers common sense legislation to protect the safety and well-being of children in Guardianship and who does not. We will continue to post all voting records on the issue.

February, 2018 Initial House vote on HB 15 – De Facto Custody Act

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