How You Can Help


Go to Facebook and type in Go Fund Me Wyoming Guardians as Protectors  OR you can get to our Go Fund Me Page off of Google – type in Wyoming Guardians as Protectors Go Fund Me, then just click on the link

Every Dollar donated to Wyoming Guardians as Protectors, whether through our Go Fund Me account, or through a mail in donation, goes directly towards statewide family outreach efforts, providing information, support, relentlessly lobbying on behalf of these children to change the law!   No One in the organization receives wages of any kind


Work with a great group of dedicated, like-minded people who love children and want to protect them from harm.  We are in need of:

  • Phone and email ‘warriors’ at designated times prior to the bill being introduced


  • Passing out flyers to interested parties, neighbors, friends and acquaintances


  • Families who would like to share their stories either publicly OR privately, names & specifics redacted


  • Media participants


  • Event planners…


  • Join us in Lobbying during session